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Intro to Re-seller Program

MWCC has a stronghold on the Reseller program with Sprint. Click to check out how the program benefits those looking for a complete and comprehensive iOT solution for their devices!

Re-seller Program

What do you think of when you hear iOT? If you haven’t used a connected device yet, you will soon enough. MWCC is working hard with our partners, agents, and clients to integrate iOT into their business operations. Check out how the program works here!


With every new product that hits the mobile marketplace, there’s some hesitation. We’ve seen a positive impact in several different vertical markets, and here are a few notable testimonials from those about how iOT has helped them evolve.


IoT Testimonial (Healthcare) :

IoT Testimonial (Retail) :

Other Documents:

Check out these white papers for more information on Sprint’s iOT program