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Midwest Cooperating Communications (MWCC) stands at the forefront of the industry, renowned for our comprehensive bundled connectivity solutions. Our expertise lies in delivering robust and swift internet services, underpinned by cutting-edge technology and a commitment to outstanding customer support.

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Cogent T-Mobile Wireline Acquisition Announcement

Smart Building Bundles

Wired Solutions

High-speed and reliable internet connectivity through fiber-optic network

Fixed Wireless

Fixed wireless backup and management solutions from CellSmart

IoT Solutions

IoT products for smart building management and optimization services

Wireless Solutions

Your reliable connectivity for remote workers! Stay connected remotely

Worldwide Lit Buildings

Explore the benefits of being in a Cogent Fiber-Lit Building with our Lit Buildings – Qualification Tool. This tool quickly determines if your office is connected to Cogent’s top-tier fiber-optic network, which serves prestigious commercial buildings worldwide. Enjoy rapid, high-speed internet installation at competitive prices, and gain a competitive edge with Cogent’s reliable and fast connectivity. For property managers, promoting Cogent services enhances the value of your space. Even if you’re not in a Fiber-Lit Building, Cogent’s extensive network covers over 5 million other locations, ensuring robust connectivity solutions for your business.

Smart Building Bundle Offer

Wireline Services

A dedicated solution to transform your building 

Fixed Wireless

A comprehensive wireless solution for your building 

IoT Products

Our bundle includes a wide range of IoT solutions

Wireless Backup, Hotspots, Smartphones

Wireless solutions for extending your reach

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