Case Studies

Government Sector

MWCC worked with a midwestern states’ government office for a more reliable solution. This state (home to over 12 million US residents) was having data latency problems with the amount of information they were transmitting on a daily basis to other government entities. Often connections would time out, employees would miss deadlines and have to work overtime to complete tasks. In comes cases even resort to secondary connection methods to get their work done. Realizing how inefficient this was, they looked to upgrade their throughput to improve daily operations. MWCC and The IT Architect Corporation came to the rescue! MWCC was able to help secure a 5yr term for 2 100 GIGE Ports for the Government office(s). T-Mobile’s well known performance in the Chicago area was one vital aspect, but another was the teaming efforts of the partner and direct sales team. In addition, this provided the reliable and sustainable connection the state government office needed to solve their connectivity problems that have plagued them for so long. A BIG WIN for the T-Mobile team!

Service Delivery / Application Management Case Study

This rapidly growing company based out of Asia needed to find a more reliable way to access their corporate VPN network and cloud-based applications. In conjunction with T-Mobile Global Director, Partner, and Client Director, MWCC generated $6.7 million in revenue for Global Wireline services. The partner is based out of NJ, and MWCC helped finalize and close this DIA / MPLS contract for this company out of Asia. They are a service and product integration company, specializing in service, product, and inventory solutions. They utilized MWCC’s teaming methodology to secure a robust, reliable, and scalable solution to accommodate their rapidly changing business landscape. This contract was a 3yr term and was achieved through MWCC’s exclusive Teaming practice.

Nationally Ranked Doctoral-granting University

This nationally ranked, doctoral-granting university home to over 5,300 students needed to improve their IT infrastructure. Working with a partner out of Pittsburgh, PA, MWCC “teamed up” with the partner for this world renowned University. Along with the partner, and Client Director, and Channel Manager, MWCC secured a 3 year term for SIPT E-Net and DIA for this University. The solution sold is estimated to bill around $162,000 in billable revenue. MWCC and the partner worked with wireline support channels to seek out aggressive pricing on these services to beat the competition! In addition, one vital aspect of this win was the relationship between partner and client. Harvesting and maintaining that relationship was a key factor in this big WIN for MWCC and Team Magenta!