Broadband Qualification Tool

MWCC is providing broadband quotes & services for Sprint through this tool. This is a value-add service being offered by MWCC until Sprint can provide like quotes and access options. MWCC has an operational Sprint portal ready to:

  • Quality Broadband
  • Price Broadband
  • Place Broadband Orders

“We work with Sprint engineers to provide a solution to your customers.”

Simply go to: qualifications.html

  • Use Password: BROADBAND
  • Choose from the menu: Qualifications or Ordering
  • Complete the form (you will receive an automated email confirmation of your submission)

When qualifications are needed, MWCC will:

  • Identify broadband services at various locations
  • Address any fall-out sites from initial qualification
  • Qualify all sites for broadband services.
  • Determine best service provider, speed, and price for all locations

When orders are needed, MWCC will:

  • Complete order Fulfillment & Implementation

MWCC has fully trained experts in broadband/high-speed internet services and products.